commercial window treatments for new england businesses

New England has some of the most erratic daylight in the United States, and our window treatment team have the experience to tame the wildest seasonal variations. Offices need natural light for the well-being of their occupants, and our skilled installers know exactly how to obtain the best results for every situation. Our custom window treatments are striking, effective and affordable. We believe it's everyone's right to enjoy the sunshine at prices that won't break the bank.

Solidus is New England's commercial window treatment expert.

custom window treatments to fit any industry

We specialize in commercial window treatments made to custom specifications for any kind of retail or business environment. Whatever your needs, we have the experience to craft the perfect light management system.

construction-integrated or standalone projects

All our window treatments are installed by our own in-house specialists. We perform window treatments as single independent projects, or as part of larger renovations and new builds. ​Contact us with any questions about our installation methods, or about maintenance of your window treatments. We always answer.

Window Treatment Products

All of our custom window treatments are made by trusted manufacturers.


Blinds are excellent for diffusing or blocking sunlight, but perform other functions too. Our wide selection of natural and synthetic blinds will enhance any business or retail environment.


Shades can be custom made to exact specifications, and combined with blinds, curtains or drapes. Our window treatment experts can advise you on what will work best for your unique commercial space.


Curtains complement your business environment and can sometimes even function as your brand signature. Versatile and space efficient, curtains are an excellent solution for modern businesses.


Drapes are heavier than curtains and may be necessary when you need extra substance to control the light in a functional space. A wide selection of drapes are available for commercial use.

Commercial window treatments for banks, credit unions, and any kind of retail or office space.

All products are backed by the manufacturers' warranty and serviced by our in-house installers. All products meet required flame specifications (NFPA 701). 

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