We are a full-service General Contractor. Our location experts, market analysts, architects, builders, and branding team together design and create customer-centric spaces that function as unified billboards for your organization. Our integrated approach guarantees seamless project delivery, from outset to completion.

Applied Data Analysis

We use real-time market and customer data to inform location strategy, choose custom amenities and augment our facility design expertise.

Design, Architecture & Engineering

We craft a distinctive appearance for each of your projects by applying proven design principles, beautiful palettes, and quality finishes. We bring your vision to life with an aesthetic, market-driven treatment that can be translated and branded across projects of any size.


Our turnkey, General Contractor construction services are delivered by a highly experienced team that has built hundreds of branches for financial institutions. We offer everything from on-site engineering and environmental services, to HVAC and retail installations.

Integrated Project Delivery

IPD is a construction deliverable based in mutual trust and respect between builder and client. All our disciplines work under one roof, from project inception to client opening and beyond. As a result, we avoid planning issues, change orders, conflicts between building trades, and missed deadlines.

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Project Approach

Solidus project managers and site superintendents manage every project. All projects are bid to local sub-trades who are often depositors or existing vendors. Simple, seamless hand-offs from one trade to the next are the norm on Solidus projects.


Our designers will develop an attractive visual theme that works spatially and clearly expresses your identity, mission and values. Brand-sensitive, multifaceted designs and complementary finishes support your color palette.


We enliven your customers’ experience by displaying your logomarks and other graphics across a variety of media. Our environmental branding is fully integrated at the architectural phase to ensure it is central to the mood and purpose of your space.

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When you’re ready to “wow” your customers, lessen your investment risk, and increase your ROI, we’re ready to help you design, build and brand spaces that will make that happen! Please contact us with questions or to arrange a meeting.