Solidus is a full-service design-build construction company that specializes in data-driven branch and business space designs for community banks and financial offices. Through intense collaborative work with professional analysts, designers, graphic artists, and skilled tradespeople – we design, build, and brand each project with a clear understanding of the client’s goals and objectives.

Applied Data Analysis

We use real-time market and customer data to inform location strategy, choose custom amenities and augment our facility design expertise.

Design, Architecture & Engineering

We craft a distinctive appearance for each of your projects by applying proven design principles, beautiful palettes, and quality finishes. We bring your vision to life with an aesthetic, market-driven treatment that can be translated and branded across projects of any size.


Construction projects of any kind can be stressful and overwhelming, even for the savviest business owners. There are countless moving parts that need to be accounted for and managed. As a fully licensed, bonded and insured general contractor we only consider subcontractors with the same credentials, ensuring quality work at a fair price.

Integrated Project Delivery

IPD is a construction deliverable that supports the simultaneous implementation of work, where collaboration begins at conception. The project team is determined through an assessment of each parties’ unique qualifications, and they remain in constant communication throughout the process. The benefits of this approach include greater efficiency which in turn reduces costs and risks. This cohesive, comprehensive business model helps us build trust with our clients and leads to long-lasting partnerships.

Project Approach

Under the leadership of our top notch estimators, field & project managers, and field superintendents, each project undergoes rigorous checks & balances that starts with the thorough vetting of all awarded trade contractors. Together they work with our attentive project managers who monitor every step of the process by proactively communicating with all parties involved.


Specializing in data-driven designs that help our clients tailor their services and improve efficiency, we deliver low risk, low waste building and operational solutions that make the most of the space available for projects of any size. By merging proven design principles with bold colors and finishes we give each structure and retail space a distinctive appearance that reflects the unique identity and mission of the institution.


Helping our clients implement their brand throughout their space is a big part of what we aim to do. Our environmental design team teaches our clients how to enhance their customer’s brand experience by suggesting new ways to display logos and other graphics across a variety of media. Through the use of strong, relevant imagery, colors, and wording we’re able to reinforce the mission and core values of an organization and strengthen their brand identity.

Let's Talk!

By trusting Solidus to manage your project’s successful completion, you’ll have time to focus on the design and branding elements that reflect who you are and set you apart from your competitors. With all of the services you need under one roof, Solidus can guide you through the risks, expenses, and time constraints associated with every step in the construction process. Please give us a call when your institution is ready to begin its next chapter.