Solidus specializes in the finance, healthcare, retail and education industries. Our unique planning and construction method can be applied to any project. We're committed to using efficient building practices and reducing your operational costs over your building's lifetime. This, and our dedication to building high-trust relationships, is responsible for our large number of return clients. We strive to keep our clients at the leading edge of their industries, by continually exploring the latest options in design, equipment and materials. Our unique three phase approach ensures that problems are detected at the beginning of the project, and enables us to give our clients a Guaranteed Project Price and timeline.    


Architecture and construction for the financial industry in New England.

We are trailblazing the design and construction of New England's community banks and credit unions. Our clients trust us to deliver the latest and most efficient models for their branch platforms. Branch banking is undergoing a design revolution right now, and Solidus is leading the way.



Solidus has years of experience building healthcare facilities in New England.

The healthcase spaces we design and build emphasize patient care via the multidisciplinary approach being adopted by progressive healthcare providers. Our optimal layouts reduce costs for healthcare companies and guarantee a better patient experience.



We design and build schools, colleges, gyms and other educational facilities in New England.

We've relished the opportunity to contribute to New England school and college design and construction. Our region is home to some of the nation's most historic and prestigious institutes of higher education. Only the most progressive design concepts are accepted, and this is our element.



Solidus can build or renovate any kind of specialty retail space.

We can design and build your unique retail, commercial or manufacturing space in a way that makes it truly yours alone. Contact us to learn why our final product is always efficient, eye-catching and irresistible to your clients and employees. We've raised the bar on business space.


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