Market-Driven Branch Optimization™

Our experts evaluate branch performance across your network to identify the reasons some locations perform better than others. We then recommend strategic consolidations or renovations of retail locations that may be hindered by location or design issues.

Customer-Centric Design™

Our leading-edge design and construction services incorporate new banking concepts and technologies. We gather socioeconomic, demographic, and other market data and use it to optimize your assets and project ROI before you make any capital investments.

Solidus services extend to all project types, from refurbishments and renovations to large-scale, ground-up construction of new branches and corporate headquarters.

Branch Rationalization

We implement strategic operational solutions to make full use of your branch space or enable subletting. This increases efficiency and boosts per-square-foot value.

Technology Assessment and Deployment

Solidus recommends appropriate banking technologies driven by your goals, objectives, and local market preferences. We help you select cost-efficient solutions and incorporate them into your design at project outset.

Strategic Site Selection and Real Estate

We offer comprehensive market intelligence resources, including sophisticated mapping, socioeconomic customer profiling, and node and market analyses. Working with our sister company, AccuBranch, we also support purchase-lease negotiations and local permitting.

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