Market-Driven Branch Optimization™

Our expert team conducts a thorough analysis of your branch network’s performance, identifying key factors that contribute to the success of certain locations over others. This comprehensive assessment includes examining aspects such as customer engagement, sales metrics, and local market dynamics.

Following this evaluation, we offer tailored solutions, focusing on strategic consolidations and innovative redesigns. Our aim is to enhance underperforming retail locations, addressing challenges related to their geographical positioning or architectural layout. This approach is designed to not only improve the appeal and functionality of these branches but also to align them more effectively with market demands and consumer preferences.

Customer-Centric Design™

We specialize in avant-garde design and construction solutions, integrating innovative banking concepts and cutting-edge technologies. By collecting and analyzing diverse market data, including socioeconomic and demographic information, we strategically enhance your assets and maximize project ROI, ensuring informed decision-making prior to any capital investments.

Our expertise encompasses a broad range of projects, from modernizing existing spaces through refurbishments and renovations, to the ambitious, large-scale development of new branch offices and corporate headquarters.

Branch Rationalization

We focus on implementing targeted operational strategies to elevate the functionality and efficiency of your branch spaces. By carefully analyzing the existing layout and usage, we develop solutions that not only optimize the available area but also adapt it for multifunctional use. This approach not only improves the operational flow within the branch but also opens up possibilities for subletting parts of the space. This dual strategy serves to boost the overall efficiency and significantly increases the value derived from each square foot of your branch. Our goal is to ensure that every inch of your branch contributes positively to its productivity and financial performance.

Technology Assessment and Deployment

At Solidus, we tailor our technology recommendations to align with your specific goals, objectives, and the preferences of your local market. Our focus is on identifying and selecting cost-effective technological solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your project from the very beginning, ensuring a design that is both efficient and forward-thinking.

Strategic Site Selection and Real Estate

Our service encompasses extensive market intelligence tools such as advanced mapping, detailed socioeconomic customer profiling, and thorough node and market analysis. In collaboration with our sister company, AccuBranch, we provide assistance in navigating purchase-lease negotiations and local permitting processes, leveraging a holistic approach to strategic site selection.

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