Solidus provides a diverse array of integrated services. We offer clients our expertise in consultation, architectural and interior design, multi-scale construction, commercial window treatments and flooring, and more. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions.


Accubranch offers branch location services for New England's banks and credit unions.
Site Locations

Before you establish a new branch, you must identify trade areas for potential expansion. Our sister company, AccuBranch, can pinpoint and analyze each target market for feasibility, based on numerous demographic and socioeconomic factors. They perform additional on-the-ground investigations of high-potential sites, and conduct deposit estimates for each. AccuBranch also offers complete lease or purchase negotiations in full confidentiality, as well as permitting services for all commercial real estate.



Banks and credit unions advertise retail financial services via in-branch promotions.
Retail Communications

Successfully communicating your value story is crucial to gaining deeper wallet share and consumer loyalty. Our experienced retail communications team can analyze your branch and develop a unique customer experience that speaks to your brand and its mission. Our team can design graphic walls, employ multimedia communications, and situate stylish displays and kiosks in key retail zones within your space. If your organization needs a complete re-branding, we can do that, too. 



Commercial window treatments for New England businesses and retail environments.
Window Treatments

Our skillful window specialists and interior designers can recommend the most effective treatments that will add style and functionality to your retail and office space. They are familiar with every type of seasonal variation and commercial situation, and are used to working to tight deadlines. Our expertise in this area means we can present a wide variety of materials and types of window treatments as solutions for your particular commercial or retail environment.


Building retail spaces in Connecticut.

Our collaborative approach means that all project stakeholders participate from the planning phase through to completion. This ensures no unpleasant surprises and keeps us on time and within budget. Our estimators, architects and project managers are in constant contact with each other, as well as with the site superintendents and elite craftsmen working on the sites themselves. This prevents the problems encountered by traditional construction methods, where a silo mentality can cause misunderstandings.



Commercial flooring in New England for businesses, banks and retail branches.
commercial floor coverings

Our experienced flooring team work with you the client, our interior designers, and retail communications specialists, to ensure every detail of your floors are of the optimal material and style possible. A professional, comfortable, but hard-wearing surface can make all the difference to you and your customers, and we will use dependable flooring brands to guarantee quality. We will also perform the installation during off-hours to avoid disrupting your business, if necessary.


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