Dean Bank

Dean Bank in Franklin, MA wanted to renovate a 3,400 sq. ft. branch in the center of town.  The branch was dealing with an overflow of staff and had no space to expand its footprint due to its central location, so we built a second floor above the branch foyer. The general plan was then expanded to allow for other features such as pods and branding, with a child-friendly community focus.        

The branch has two entrances. In the main entrance off the parking lot, we redesigned the reception desk and created a community-themed wall.  Opposite the reception desk, there is now a beverage center with a flat screen display and high tables and stools where customers can rest and drink coffee or tea.  The other entrance features a rich gray graphic wall depicting a historical scene from Franklin’s Main Street and houses an ATM that is accessible to customers in the evening after the evening partitioning is in place.   

We had to work around a large existing fish tank for the entire duration of the project.  We built temporary protection around it, which was removed once the ceiling and new second floor were completed.  Close to the tank is an informal seating area with a bookcase containing children’s books. 

The branch now has two branded pods with cash recyclers where the somewhat antiquated teller line had existed previously.  Several angled glass-fronted offices surround the edge of the platform, which allows natural light to circulate through the space.  The glass office walls feature wide vinyl privacy banding bearing the bank’s logo, which makes a significant statement to visitors as they enter.  There are several new offices now located in the area that was formerly balcony and empty space.  All areas of the branch were painted, furnished, and were given new carpeting or flooring.

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