Centreville Bank East Greenwich

Centreville Bank in East Greenwich, RI was a traditional branch with a teller line and other antiquated features. Solidus was chosen to undertake the project, which was centered on making the branch look modern and fresh, and to incorporate the brand in a more modern way.

The branch is the first in the Centreville network with ITMs so this project included the launch of Centreville’s ITM program. We also concurrently created a Contact Center in the bank’s main office because the implementation of ITMs in East Greenwich required a remote audiovisual group to support it for the ITMs to be a success.   

It is also the first project the bank has had done while remaining fully open for business. One of the biggest challenges of the project was that, initially, parking for the branch was in a lot at the side of the building where there was a walk-in ATM vestibule, but no access into the branch on that side. People no longer have to walk around to the street entrance and there is access to the branch directly from the parking lot. There is also 24-hour access through that entrance to new a community room. At least 95% of customers are now using the new entrance.

Our designers worked with the bank’s designers on the project collaboratively. The branch has transitioned from a teller line to a pod system with a more modern layout and overall approach to retail banking. Towards the end of the project, our work had made such an impact that customers actually thought we’d put an addition on the building because it felt so much more open and full of light. It was a huge change, and we were gratified to hear the reactions.

The branding palette was relatively new and we kept the branding guidelines and colors in place but designed it to be less salient than the palette itself. The branch still projects Centerville Bank’s branding without too many color clashes overwhelming the effect. We stayed within the palette but adjusted it to complement the brand instead of being the brand.

The ATM in the vestibule adjacent to the parking lot (the new side entrance) was replaced with an ITM, and we modified one of the drive-thru islands under the canopy by making it wide enough for the ITM to sit on, as the ITM was wider than the island. There was a lot of coordination required between the bank’s vendors and our project superintendent to keep things as smooth as possible.



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