Avidia Bank

We designed and built this stunning two-story branch for Avidia Bank in Framingham, MA.  The institution has not operated in this market before, so the building had to make an impact.  This ground-up branch is distinctly transparent, featuring a large blue glass wall that opens up the branding and architectural features of the double-height branch interior to passing traffic.   

There is a small community area abutting the front sidewalk, with plants and a sculpture surrounded by stone benches. At the rear of the branch there’s a parking lot, and a standalone ATM. 

The branch interior contains an intimate customer platform with curved sit-down or stand-up dialogue towers fitted with cash recyclers.  There is also a community area with serpentine seating and digital features.  The interior walls are partly composed of walnut boards and horizontal ribs which are not just aesthetic but have acoustic properties to prevent echoes.  There are several large circular pendant lights hanging above this area that measure six to eight feet in diameter and really complete the space.

There are offices upstairs, and a conference room at the front of the building that overlooks the community space and main road.  The second-floor space is designed so that natural light permeates completely through the building. 

The approach to the main door features a canopy with circular openings that lighten up the area and give a sense of human scale and rhythm to people walking beneath it.  The openings make the canopy more permeable than simple skylights would.


Framingham, MA


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