Newtown Savings Bank, Oxford, CT

Solidus was chosen to perform this ground up construction for Newtown Savings Bank, which was part of a self-contained larger project that included apartments, a grocery store, and more. We fitted out this branch for superb front and back visibility, with glass walls and interior lighting, branding, and soffit work that truly differentiates the branch and is visible from the exterior. 

In addition to a serpentine interactive branded wall, there are two dialogue towers with cash recyclers, and a drive-thru with a drive-up ATM on the outside lane. The branch was built on the site of a former quarry, and stone from the quarry was used on both the interior and exterior.  

The most striking detail though, is the after-hours lighted branding feature. The serpentine branded wall is designed to be visible to all traffic passing the branch, a true differentiator. 

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