"Institutes of learning must, by definition, teach us something in the way they're built." - Mark Charette, CEO

Buildings That Perform

Solidus has built a variety of different facilities at New England's schools and colleges over the past several years. We understand how a school's design impacts its financial success. Schools are high-traffic spaces that must be durable, modern and practical. Our team has designed and constructed theater and musical performance spaces, gymnasiums, locker rooms, classrooms and libraries that look professional and feel comfortable. Our education clients trust us to create anything they want; any architectural type, finish, or furnishing. We can do it. Contact Solidus to learn more about our considerable education industry capabilities.

deadlines and class schedules

We understand that school campus building projects must be executed during breaks in classes. One of our core values is "On-Time and On-Budget", so making deadlines is at the heart of our value proposition. We guarantee price and timelines because our contractors all work under the Solidus umbrella and frequently communicate to ensure no unexpected delays. Contact us for more information about the DesignBuildFurnish process, and learn why we can easily accommodate your schedule. 

We build beautiful, functional educational facilities of all types across New England.


Based in Connecticut, with offices in New Hampshire and Rhode Island, the Solidus team is very familiar with New England's schools and colleges. We take pride in building new educational facilities for our region. If you want ultra-contemporary buildings we can show you our latest stellar designs. If you need something more traditional we can design and build that, too. We also appreciate that some features of your institutions may need to be preserved. Whatever the purpose or size of your project, Solidus can deliver the results and effect you want. 

what do schools want in a building contractor?

Our team of eclectic individuals have long experience in construction for educational clients. One of our team taught design at a college. We have an architect with a strong background working with schools. We know budgets and technology play driving roles in any projects schools decide to embark upon. Solidus has access to a wide range of different cost products, and we guarantee we can make your project work within your budget. We constantly monitor progressive publications in educational industry design and construction, to ensure the front-line technology we build into your facilities is the very latest. 

We design and build New England's schools and colleges for vibrancy and efficiency.

Sustainable, Green and Lean

Solidus is a LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) contractor dedicated to using the most progressive materials and practices in all our projects. We design our buildings to be energy-efficient, with low potential for negative health impacts. Our collaborative model enables Solidus to have complete control of all methods and technologies used in construction projects on New England schools and colleges, and we always strive for the highest possible LEED performance in our buildings. 

Solidus provides architectural and construction services for New England's schools and colleges.

School Branding and Interior Design

Your school has a personality, expressed via a crest or brand, as well as its own color palette. These are areas in which our wealth of experience can make your finished space speak on its own behalf. This includes furniture, flooring and window treatments. A consultation with our design and architecture team will give you a fuller understanding of our education industry capabilities. When we create a space in your school, we make sure all the branding and design features are attention-worthy. 

college sports facilities designed with STYLE

School locker rooms are personal places where team loyalties and passions are unleashed. We design with these things in mind, as well as space usage considerations for amenities. Kitchenettes, ice baths, and even audio-video lounges where your athletes can comfortably review film from games and discuss strategy, must all be accommodated in the space. We'll make sure you impress potential star players when they visit, too.

areas of expertise

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