Integrated Project Delivery

IPD - A Better Way To Build

IPD ensures all disciplines are properly coordinated and deadlines are met, with no additional costs added to your original project price. In fact, The Construction Institute estimates that IPD, effectively implemented, can trim total project hours by 33%.

How IPD Saves You Time and Money

IPD provides tangible benefits beyond inclusivity and teamwork. When all disciplines take part in the planning process we are collectively aware of the wider consequences of design decisions. This avoids expensive errors, enables us to meet deadlines and eliminates change orders.

What are Change Orders?

A change order is work that may be added to the original scope agreed upon in the contract. Change orders are the most common cause of cost and deadline overruns in the construction industry. Unlike the traditional “Design-Bid-Build” model — where design errors trigger costly additions to project scope while architects remain blameless — IPD is based on mutual contracts between Owner, General Contractor, and Architect.

Construction can be a litigious business. Projects large and small are frequently beset with legal issues between Owner and Contractor, Contractor and Architect, and Architect and Owner. Larger projects often have more change orders, and can slip even further behind schedule. Even contractors with good reputations will submit their own mistakes as change orders, which can end up costing the Owner a lot of time and money.

The IPD Solution

Our Guaranteed Project Price is no gimmick. The ability of Solidus to guarantee a price for commercial construction projects is distinctive in the industry. That’s because Solidus has practiced IPD methods for 18 years. We have honed our collaborative planning expertise to deliver precision estimates for projects of any size. Our Guaranteed Project Price is our single biggest differentiator as a construction company. We have earned it through hard work, honesty, and integrity. As our client you will enjoy stress-free projects as we build a long-term, trusting relationship.


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