Careful Planning Saves You Money Later

The ability to deliver a Guaranteed Project Price and a guaranteed project timeline is very important to us. This requires significant planning and involvement by all stakeholders from the very beginning. Our collaborative method of execution is unique, but those all-important guarantees are really enabled by the thoroughness of the Phase One (Project Study) and Phase Two (Project Development) stages. This is planning and design at its finest.

Our collaborate design team has designed hundreds of community banks and credit unions in New England.

No Change Orders
Under the traditional construction model, the customer pays for planning mistakes made by the contractor. The Design component of our DesignBuildFurnish® deliverable ensures that this doesn't happen to our clients. In Phase One we determine a probable cost, showing all markups, so the client can decide whether or not to move forward. In Phase Two, we deliver an even deeper study, which includes the Guaranteed Project Price. No change orders. No nasty monetary surprises. 

Our retail communications and design team have the skills to create vibrant graphics and calculate space usage.

The "Design" stage of the DesignBuildFurnish® concept is executed in two phases:

Phase 1 - Project Study

This inexpensive conceptual phase, known as programming, enables clients to evaluate their options.

  • Our experienced architects, interior designers, estimators and others meet with you to listen and advise.
  • We'll take thorough field measurements to determine the true space you need.
  • A retail communications specialist will characterize the areas within your building for profitability and aesthetics.
  • Our preliminary architectural drawings will enable you to visualize the proposed layout inexpensively.
  • Our goal here is to determine the timeline and cost of your vision as accurately as possible.
  • The Project Study shows all markups on the list of probable costs.
  • This allows a return on investment (ROI) analysis before you commit too deeply to the project.

Our architects and interior designers have the expertise to create functional and aesthetically pleasing retail layouts for our New England clients.

Phase 2 - Project Development

With the client's approval we move into Phase Two, where the project cost and timeline are determined.

  • Your Project Manager will be your single point of contact for everything.
  • Thorough programming paves the way for efficient execution.
  • We finalize our cost study, to deliver the Guaranteed Project Price.
  • Our simple one-page contract clearly states there will be no change order in the project.
  • A full set of construction drawings is stamped and sealed, and our elite bidding process is shared with the client.
  • If you have a sub-contractor you prefer to work with, we will respect your choice in this regard.
  • We prepare to build, with a guaranteed completion date for the client.

Architectural artistic sketches of New England bank branches.

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