Team Building Through IPD

Category: News • June 25, 2024

When implemented properly, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) ensures that all parties involved in a project are working in tandem. Solidus is well-versed in the principles of IPD which emphasize communication, collaboration, team involvement, mutual trust and respect, strategic alignment and delivering added value. These principles guide our leadership of the entire project team including architects, engineers, utility companies, interior designers, branding designers, municipal officials, MEP & trade contractors, security & surveillance vendors, and furniture suppliers. Traditional project delivery would allow each of these parties to set their own agenda and performance standards, which often leads to oversights and delays.

Rather than functioning like a relay race where each participant is only responsible for their portion of the competition, IPD requires each contributor to share accountability. By keeping everyone’s skin in the game we achieve a higher level of collaboration and project execution. The practice of IPD also helps us synchronize construction activities which enables us to work in occupied spaces with minimal disruptions to our client’s day-to-day operations.

For every project, big and small, a comprehensive team must be assembled, vetted, and well-briefed on the client’s goals and the scope of work. Once assembled, someone has to monitor the team’s progress, accuracy, and the quality of their work, a task most small businesses are rarely equipped to handle. With over 30 years of experience and expertise, Solidus has the unique qualifications to facilitate this process seamlessly. Through IPD we deliver cohesive services and eliminate the self-interests that often drive costs up, slow productivity, and prevent innovation.