Challenge Accepted!

Category: News • May 29, 2024
What’s the best way to overcome inevitable construction challenges? Start by executing proper due diligence on the front end to identify any potential problems and then devise viable plans to manage every scenario. This is our strategy for every project regardless of size, but it is especially beneficial when tackling a ground-up build like the one we recently completed for North Easton Savings Bank in Plymouth, MA.
In addition to maintaining a smooth construction schedule during the difficult winter months, this project also presented some unique challenges related to the site’s existing utility infrastructure. Without an accessible power source our field team had to rely exclusively on generators to perform a good portion of their work. Through intensive coordination efforts we overcame this obstacle and reached all of our deadlines with minimal disruption.
We also spent a good deal of time preparing for some interior challenges that we anticipated during the design process. Due to their size, the heavy timber trusses featured in the bank’s main lobby had to be erected inside the building, work that could only take place after all of the interior finishes (i.e. flooring, millwork, paint, etc.) were complete.
By maintaining open communication with our partners and taking preliminary measures to address our challenges our team has completed yet another large scale project with seamless execution.
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