This is ours.

Category: News • February 2, 2024

As our organization continues to grow and set new goals it’s important to reflect on our own journey and consider how this evolution not only gave rise to our design department but also how it continues to influence our design process.

Solidus, Inc. found its footing as an office furniture distributor known as “Business Invirons”, outsourcing our designers and responding to traditional bid requests. Over time our executive team noticed more and more customers asking if we could recommend other trades like painters and flooring contractors, which we were more than happy to do. Eventually we realized that it might make sense to hire our own internal designers that could expand our services by producing layouts and finish selections. Satisfied with these changes we remained focused on furniture sales, delivery and installation.

However, these requests and inquiries continued to pour in, many of them requiring a more comprehensive construction knowledge that we simply didn’t have. Then one day a customer asked if we could provide some direction on a new addition they wanted to build and once again we were compelled to expand our team. We quickly hired two in-house estimators with years of experience in the field and started to actively pursue smaller projects.

We could say “the rest is history”, but really it was just the beginning. With our business no longer exclusive to furniture it became clear that we were in the process of re-inventing ourselves. This transition would require a new name, a new logo, and even new colors. Sound familiar? These are the very same changes that we guide our clients through, and we understand this process because we’ve been through it. By looking back at our history, we help our clients design their future.