Off to a great start in Windsor!

Category: News • February 21, 2024

Last week we had an opportunity to attend a private kick-off ceremony with the leadership team at Windsor Federal Savings Bank as they commemorated the start of renovations on their historic building in Windsor, CT.  In addition to receiving an incredibly warm welcome, which we were truly grateful for, we also got a last glimpse of this beautiful old building before we begin the very delicate and carefully monitored demolition work. Participating in this event and sharing in our client’s excitement was a wonderful reminder of why we love the work we do at Solidus.

Renovations like this preserve both the historic value and cosmetic integrity of the early architecture in our communities and maintaining these remnants from our past is a great honor and a great responsibility. Upon entering this space visitors will no doubt be taken by the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail in everything from the thick crown moldings to the deeply recessed circular windows nestled just below the canopy of its vaulted ceiling.

Even before we’ve applied a single drop of paint to its walls, this interior offers the kinds of bells and whistles that are often difficult to find and expensive to duplicate in modern construction. It’s hard not to appreciate the structural design of their existing space and our team is eager to further enhance its beauty with a sophisticated and mindful renovation. With bones like these we know the finished product is going to be an absolute knock-out.