Needs Addressed, Reputation Upheld

Category: News • February 14, 2024

Faced with high volumes of foot traffic and a growing need for more room at their Stratford branch, Sikorsky Financial Credit Union was eager to make use of some additional space they had recently acquired in a lease agreement. We started this project by completing a fit-out of the vacant space before moving onto an extensive renovation of their existing branch which remained open for business throughout construction. Renovating an occupied space always comes with challenges but the Solidus field team adheres to a strict set of tried-and-true practices that ensure minimal disruptions to our client’s day-to-day operations. This critical expansion made it possible for our design team to create the quiet, confidential spaces that were lacking from the original branch. The credit union is now better equipped to provide a superior level of individualized service and enhance their member’s overall experience.

While the interior design offers a fresh, modern aesthetic, special attention was paid to features that both improve security and make it easier for members to access the credit union’s products and services. Capitalizing on Sikorsky’s solid reputation, we chose design elements that highlight the credit union’s historical significance and long-standing presence in the community. By emphasizing the endurance of their brand we help to reinforce their strength as an institution. With sleek finish selections and room to accommodate a steady flow of members, the new branch is a clean, vibrant, and energized space that reflects the pride Sikorsky takes in its name and status in Connecticut’s financial industry.

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