Employee Spotlight: Mahir Hameed

Category: News • February 22, 2024

Mahir’s professional history offers over 20 years of extensive experience in construction and project management. His career began in his native country of Iraq where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Bagdad. In the years that followed he successfully managed projects ranging from schools and health centers to full scale utility upgrades for electrical, water and sewer systems. He also contributed to the successful completion of several government office buildings, most notably the US embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, which at 140 acres is the largest embassy complex in the world. He obtained his PMP certification in 2019 and is an esteemed member of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

While his background is certainly impressive, his most important role is that of a husband and father of 2 children. We are incredibly fortunate that Mahir’s amazing journey led to a position with Solidus, as his unique perspective brings a new depth of knowledge to our team.

Earlier this week we sat down with Mahir to learn more about his values and reflect on his past. When asked what he remembers most about his very first job, Mahir quickly pointed to the friendships that he made:

“One of the most vivid memories from my first job are the strong friendships that I made with my colleagues and my first manager. We formed a cohesive team that not only excelled professionally, but also developed lasting friendships. Even to this day I maintain connections with most of them.”

It’s no surprise that the thing he values most in his professional life is a warm and welcoming work environment. With this as his foundation, we think he’s a perfect fit for the Solidus team.