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Category: News • January 18, 2024

Over our 40-plus years of serving the community banking industry, Solidus has become known for its ability to design, build and brand branches in a way that carries each institution into a brighter, more profitable future. Our reputation for being nimble and agile in an often-unpredictable market has enabled us to weather even the most challenging of times. However, our area of expertise expands far beyond design and construction. We also provide critical consultative services that include staffing and space studies aimed at saving our clients time and money.

Whether a client is looking to renovate their corporate headquarters or consolidate their properties, it all starts by asking some important questions:

  • How many buildings do they currently occupy and how many floors are in each building?
  • How many departments are housed in these buildings and where are they currently located.
  • How many employees are in each department and how many of them will require private offices.
  • Will there be any shared spaces or additional security measures needed?
  • What is the projected growth for each department?

Often referred to as the “discovery” phase of a project, the answers to these questions help us determine how much space the client will need to achieve their goals. The information we gather is saved in a matrix and used to allocate the available square footage in the most effective way possible. Resolving these details in the early stages leads to a more efficient design, ensuring every dollar is spent wisely. In fact, budgets hinging on these factors can undergo substantial modifications as funds once meant to cover certain expenses are suddenly freed up and put to better use elsewhere.

The long-term benefits of a properly executed space study have a rippling effect on our client’s day-to-day operations. By streamlining their services and making the most of the space they occupy, our clients are better equipped to meet their customer’s needs and maintain a more sustainable business model that reduces waste and improves productivity.