Informed Decisions, Thoughtful Designs

Category: News • December 13, 2023

The design strategy for this project was to elevate the credit union’s existing brand identity in a way that attracts new members without alienating the current client base. Our longtime partners at AccuBranch collected a wide range of socio-economic data pertaining to their membership and conducted a thorough analysis of those demographics. This data was used to determine how the branch can best address their banking needs, both now and in the future.

Our design team also used this information to develop strategic enhancements to the credit union’s brand identity and give it a more modern aesthetic. In addition, the interior floor plan was designed to accommodate the implementation of new technology that better supports their day-to-day operations and further customizes their services. The result was a design that embraced their existing identity while offering some new amenities and a refreshed approach to their business model.

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