Interior Design for Exterior Views

Category: News • November 28, 2023

After securing a new & improved location for their West Springfield branch, the executive team at Holyoke Credit Union was eager to deploy the enhanced brand experience that Solidus previously implemented at their Feeding Hills branch. This strategic move gave the credit union an opportunity to increase their visibility and introduce an elevated brand and business model to this market. With the lease negotiations complete, our team set to work on an efficient floor plan for this vacant retail space.

Custom glass walls fitted with vividly branded partitions divide this 2,000 square foot space, satisfying the client’s need for discreet private offices while maintaining a bright, open-air design. With an emphasis on brand projection these bold interior design elements were intentionally positioned so that they can be seen through the large front windows of the building, which offers the credit union even greater exposure after dark. By blending images of the branch’s historic surroundings into an otherwise modern aesthetic, the credit union has both embraced their new community and introduced themselves as exciting new members of it.

Designed to boost brand recognition through strong visual connections, this branch is meant to capture people’s attention and draw them into the space. We hope it serves as symbol of growth and innovation as the credit union pursues this next chapter in their story.

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