Navigating your budget has never been easier.

Category: News • October 24, 2023

Before you make any final decisions on your 2024 building and renovation budgets, take a moment to consider the insight you might gain from a company that’s been in this business for over 30 years.

Throughout our evolution Solidus has maintained long-term partnerships with professionals across every trade involved in the commercial construction process. From architectural design, including structural and civil engineering services, to construction, brand implementation and furniture, Solidus can speak to the risks, expenses, and time constraints associated with all these disciplines and more. With a current and comprehensive data-mine at our fingertips we offer expertise that can be very difficult to find and almost impossible to attain without proper direction or familiarity. While it may take private parties’ weeks or even months to gather information from each of these individual entities, our team can have all the answers you need in a matter of days, and in some cases, hours.

Whether you’re considering opening a new branch in a new location or updating the interior design of your current branch network, establishing an accurate and realistic budget and timeline is critical to your ability to reach these goals. This is where the Solidus team can step in to provide the tools and guidance you need to avoid costly mistakes and oversights. We’ve dedicated our business to helping community banks and credit unions get the most out of their budgets by developing strategic plans that address their needs and objectives. Looking to expose your brand to new markets? With the help of our partners at Accubranch we can provide support and direction for these endeavors as well. Equipped with a deep well of information and decades of construction experience, Solidus can ensure that your plans go smoothly, from conception to execution.

In the same way that you encourage your customers to seek your advice and counsel on their financial planning, we encourage you to take advantage of the knowledge and capabilities we have to offer. Our fluency in the areas of design, building, and branding makes us an all-inclusive resource with a vested interest in our client’s success.