A Beacon of Renewal in Downtown Brooklyn

Category: News • September 11, 2023

In the vibrant heart of downtown Brooklyn, the International Baptist Church, established in 1977, has been a beacon of faith and community. Over the decades, it birthed a K-12 school that has undeniably left its mark for several decades.

A significant transformation occurred when the Solidus design team, in collaboration with our partners at Image 4, took the helm. As the church and school transitioned into a temporary facility—making way for the demolition of the original church and school and the construction of a new one—the Solidus team rebranded and reimagined their identity. This metamorphosis saw the introduction of a fresh logo and color palette that seamlessly integrates the rich history of the institution with a contemporary appeal.

Now, the 3-story structure proudly stands at the intersection of Hoyt and 4th Street. The bold “City Life Church & Academy” lettering against its pristine white stucco exterior asserts its renewed presence in this bustling urban neighborhood. Beyond its role as a sanctuary, the building, adorned with a vivid mural, has transformed into a visual masterpiece, drawing attention from every corner of the borough.

The newly designed logo—a cross shaped from white blocks set within a black circle—takes inspiration from the grid-like streets of New York City. It symbolizes the church’s deep-rooted faith, intertwined with the dynamism of its urban setting. Constructed originally in 1931, the space, while retaining its historical essence, is now reinvigorated to offer both spiritual and educational guidance to the community.

With this refreshed image, the leaders of City Life Church & Academy aspire to connect with more souls. They aim to showcase their adaptability and readiness to embrace the evolving rhythms of life in one of the world’s most iconic cities.