Building Better Health

Category: News • July 26, 2023

Breaking down the stigmas surrounding mental illness has been an ongoing effort for many decades. By removing the shame associated with mental illness people have become more willing to talk about their own experiences. As a result of this shift it’s become increasingly clear that these struggles are even more common than we ever imagined. Indeed, it seems like most people are coping with some level of anxiety or depression or at least know someone who is.

Luckily, we’ve developed many new ways to manage these feelings and employers are taking active steps to better support the mental health and wellness of their employees. These problems often impact one’s ability to focus and perform on the job, which is especially dangerous when your workplace is an active construction site. From chronic pain caused by inevitable wear and tear, to the grueling demands of tight project schedules, many factors contribute to the mental strain this work can cause, both in the office and in the field. The safety of our team is a top priority, which is one of many reasons why we take this issue so seriously. As the concept of Work/Life Balance takes center stage in corporate vernacular, Solidus would like to help raise awareness and advance the message that mental illness is common and treatable.

To champion this cause, we start by listening and learning. So, with open ears and open hearts we hope to gain a better understanding of this issue and how it affects our community. The road to mental health doesn’t have to be traveled alone.

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