The Chameleon Effect

Category: News • April 20, 2023

Most financial institutions recognize the value in using data to tailor the services they offer at each of their branch locations, and at Solidus we encourage our clients to apply this same lens to their interior design and branding aesthetic as well. Chameleons aren’t trying to reinvent themselves when they change color, this is simply an attempt fit in, which helps them make the most of their new environment.

In order to maintain and reinforce brand identity we tend to think that logos, fonts, fabrics and colors need to be consistent at every location, with each new storefront presented as a carbon copy of its predecessor. “One Size Fits All” isn’t a new concept, but you’d be hard pressed to find an example of this model that holds true to its word. Brand identity is no different.

Even for the same institution we wouldn’t expect a bank located in the hub of a big, urban city to have the same feel as a bank located in a small, rural town. Likewise, the branch set within a coastal community shouldn’t have the same aesthetic as the one set inland. By mirroring the community in which each branch resides a bank can actually safeguard their brand by making sure it continues to resonate with its patrons. This can be achieved through subtle adjustments to their material selections and using variations of the colors within their brand guidelines. Key elements, such as the location of their logo, remain consistent but each branch is designed to reflect its customers way of life.

The Solidus design team has successfully guided many of our clients through this process with tremendous results. Let us know when your team is ready to shake things up!