Marketing Moves

Category: News • February 1, 2023

As the demand for our branding services continues to grow, we’ve felt an increasing need to provide additional support to our design team. To accomplish this we’ve enlisted the expertise of Jennifer Miller, one of the company’s longest standing, and particularly adept, team members.

Jen has worn many hats in her 27 years with Solidus, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with her it would not surprise you to hear that she has excelled in every role. As our VP of Operations, she was at the center of all decisions and strategies implemented by our project management team, and she will continue to manage the ongoing projects within her established pool of clients. In addition to these existing responsibilities, she will now manage the marketing department and all interior design and branding projects, both internal and external. She will oversee all signage design, fabrication, and installation by working closely with our manufactures and material suppliers.

Jennifer’s Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the Rhode Island School of Design will serve her well in this role as she will also be working on new ways to stylize and increase the exposure of our own unique brand. Helping our clients build and strengthen their brand identity is a big part of what we aim to do, so it is vital that we maintain our relevance in the industry by staying on top of the latest trends in messaging and keeping our viewers engaged. With years of experience under her belt and a solid understanding of how we do business, we look forward to seeing this portion of our services grow and evolve under Jennifer’s leadership.