A Buddy System

Category: News • February 28, 2023

In the construction industry we often refer to a buildings “bones” to describe its overall stability. It is understood that if the foundation of a structure is secure, any cosmetic or technical problems can be fixed. We believe the same is true for an organization, but instead of being held up by concrete, a business depends on a team of people who are committed to its success, and to each other.

This point was recently illustrated in real time when one of our clients suffered an unexpected and potentially devastating setback. A pipe in the ceiling of their building froze, causing the joint to pull apart and leak water throughout the 10,000 square foot space. It was several hours before the leak was discovered and the damage was extensive. Even though we were still in the developmental stages of their project, this client was eager to get the occupied space back up and running and promptly enlisted our help.

Enter the Solidus field team and a small coalition of some of our most trusted trades people, who sacrificed their nights and weekends to tackle a long list of complex repairs in an astonishing amount of time. Addressing these problems required a level of cooperation that can only be achieved when there is genuine comradery and respect shared between the people involved. We don’t think of each other as just co-workers, and the companies we choose to work with aren’t just hired help. These partnerships are cemented by friendship, and lucky for us, they extend beyond our office walls and job sites.

To thank this band of brothers our executive team treated them all to a night of BBQ, beer and… virtual golf (because that actually exists). The guys had a great time and even our man of mystery allowed himself to be photographed, although he did attempt to chameleon his way out of it.