Mission Accomplished

Category: News • November 14, 2022

We are pleased to announce that the Solidus team has successfully completed another extensive branch renovation, this time for Achieve Financial Credit Union in Meriden, CT. The 1,400 SF space had previously been occupied by a popular pizza chain, leaving most of it coated in a thick layer of grease & grime. Luckily, the architectural vision was clear and the introduction of a new accent color and customized branding elements made this one of our most transformative projects to date.

The client’s decision to forgo traditional teller lines and rely solely on ITM or “e-teller” machines meant that our team had to find creative ways to incorporate their brand identity into the design. Bold, geometric lines were intentionally used in the exterior design to help frame the transparency of the indoor and outdoor branding projections. An illuminated interior logo was strategically placed so that it can be seen from the outside of the building. This feature is especially eye catching at night, which increases the branch’s street presence. A new, minty teal accent color was also introduced to the design and integrated into many of the finishing touches, including the wall art.

Modern, vibrant, and tailored to meet the needs of their members, we now see a much brighter future for this once dull and dreary space.

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