From Breaking Ground to Breaking Bread

Category: News • July 12, 2022

While we always celebrate our team’s achievements internally, it’s especially meaningful when our clients invite us to commemorate these special occasions with them. On Wednesday, June 29th the senior leadership for Cape Ann Savings Bank hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the grand opening of their newly constructed, state-of-the-of art branch in Gloucester, MA.

Taking part in this event allowed us to see all the fruits of our labor, which include the happy faces of the people who will be enjoying their beautiful new workspace. The atmosphere of the party was filled with a mixture excitement, hopefulness and certainly relief as staff and visitors marveled at the many small details that made this project a success. No matter how many times we do it, nothing feels better than the moment we hand over the keys to our clients, knowing that we’ve made their vision a reality.

After months of planning and designing that began in 2019 the Solidus team ceremoniously broke ground on this new build on November 17, 2021. While the exterior retained much of the bank’s original aesthetic, the interior branding, finishes, and furniture reflect a more contemporary departure from any of their previous designs. The use of solar paneling and wind turbines reflect this clients desire to support an eco-friendly future and a modern approach to business.

So, with clusters of balloons and a giant pair of scissors the Cape Ann team ushered in a new chapter for their business. And with gratitude, we shared in their joy.