Solidus Wins the NEFMA Excellence Award for Best Branch Refresh

Category: News • February 18, 2022

Last night the SOLIDUS team gathered around their computers and joined the 2021 NEFMA Awards Show. Not only were we there to show our support for the nominees we were holding our breaths. Solidus submitted our recently completed project for Cornerstone Bank in the Refresh Bank category.

Coming in at 1st place, Image 4 won for their work on the Members First Credit Union Corporate Headquarters refresh. We are so happy for them and congratulate them on a much-deserved win!

But Solidus is also thrilled to share that we won the Excellence Winner award! So today, we take to the stage to give our acceptance speech.

First, we would like to thank Studio Q Architecture, who helped create this fantastic refresh for Cornerstone Bank. They have been instrumental in our designs, and we look forward to working with them on more projects.

Next, we want to thank the Solidus team that worked so hard on executing this project. It was one of those projects that everyone was excited about, especially because of this bank’s vast transition.

And last but most certainly not least, we thank Cornerstone Bank. The trust you put into Solidus to bring your new vision to life is greatly appreciated. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship.

Solidus also wishes to acknowledge and congratulate all other recipients and entries! We look forward to meeting all of you in person next year!