This Year: A Construction Budget With No Surprises!

Category: News • August 30, 2021

Change orders disrupt a project’s scope, price, and timeline. Unanticipated changes can wreck your bank’s or credit union’s annual construction budget. Worse yet, they cost you time that you simply can’t get back.

This budget season, do your company and your peace of mind a favor! Obtain an estimate for work on your branch network from Solidus, and you can count on extra time, project savings, and a certain completion date. We guarantee it!

As a long-time, skilled practitioner of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Solidus is proud to offer guaranteed budgets, guaranteed project timelines, and no change orders. Not only can you count on a Solidus project budget, you can rest assured that your new branch or high-quality renovation will be done on time.

How so? Solidus uses IPD to fully unify the planning and execution of project tasks from outset to completion. That means typical construction projects are finished in 33% less time, according to analyses by The Construction Institute.

Contact Solidus today and we can discuss your needs and get started with a rough order of magnitude. Once your project is fully scoped, you’ll have guaranteed budget numbers and deadlines that won’t move. Then you can look forward to a profitable year, with no unpleasant surprises.