Arlington Animal Clinic Renovation Begins

Category: News • August 19, 2021

A comprehensive renovation of the Arlington Animal Clinic buildings at 189 and 191 Broadway in East Arlington, Mass. is underway. The $2.2 million finished product will be a single, 9,100 sq. ft. building that will incorporate state-of-the-art surgical, dental and x-ray facilities, as well as medical-grade electrical and ventilation materials. Monte French Design Studio and Animal Arts Design Studio collaborated on the facility’s redesign.

Click here to view a video of what will be the renovated clinic.

The clinic will remain open during the two-phase, occupied renovation process. “We are excited to bring the new Arlington Animal Clinic to fruition,” said Brian Flemming, COO of Solidus, which will construct the facility. “This will be a beautiful clinic that will serve area families and their pets for many years to come.” Solidus projects completing the work in April 2022.

First opened in 1975, Arlington Animal Clinic employs 30, including five veterinarians.