Cheese, Chocolate and Wine (Oh, My!)

Category: Solidus at Play • July 7, 2021

At Solidus, we believe in working together as a team in constant communication. Part of working together includes having fun as a team. As Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Despite the frequent outbursts of laughter and seemingly endless tom foolery it turns out the Solidus lunch crew has actually been hard at work planning something special. And now that Mark Charette has joined the mayhem we finally had an advocate that can’t be fired!! It was decided that a wine, cheese, and chocolate party was in order. We all had a great time celebrating our camaraderie and success, as well as learning about each of the unique pairings of wine and cheese. Some fun cheeses included “Womanchego” from Bierzo, Spain and “Hooligan” from Loire Valley in France.

Thoughts from the staff:

“My favorite pairing was the first one, the Bloomsday and Boasso Dolcetto d’Alba. Also I learned that stinky cheese is the best cheese.”

“I honestly don’t remember the names of anything, but I liked the cheese at the end of the table nearest the wine and the wine that went with it.”

“I learned that separate all the options were delicious, but when paired together, different flavors came out and really enhanced the experience. My favorite pairing was the first cheese with the first wine.  The wine was bold as well as the cheese, and when put together, it was simply delicious!”