Spotlight on: Jennifer Miller

Category: Solidus at Play • May 5, 2021

An integral part of Solidus for 27 years, Jennifer Miller continues to be a driving force behind Solidus’ innovation, timeliness, and smooth workflow.

She started as the receptionist– fresh out of RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). “ Good afternoon, Business Invirons. This is Jennifer speaking. How may I help you?” Yes, that was our company name. Then she became a sales coordinator for the office furniture division, which started with two salespeople. Her next position was interim construction administrator, where she got a taste and love for the industry. However, the person she covered for returned, so she moved on to be an Account Manager for ECHN and Yale University in the Office Furniture Division. During this time, Jen got married and had two kids–Ian and Solenne. Upon returning to work, she took on the role of Sales Coordinator and Account Manager for four salespeople. When Jen got tired of the furniture world, she approached Mark Charette., CEO, about any other opportunities in the company and became a Project Manager in the Construction Division. She has been in this role for 20 years and rose to the Director of Project Management. Currently, she is the VP of Operations for Solidus.

A few fun things to know about Jen:

  1. She is an artist and still does fine art painting and constantly changes her walls in her house.
  2. She is a “do it yourselfer.”
  3. She LOVEs and has many pets, which currently include: Four Goats (Ethel, Lucy, Ricky, and Mr. Binks), One mini donkey named Frannie, a Great Dane named Goober Tigger Slimer Miller, and Siberian Husky named Hope or Hopey Dopey Doo; three cats: Spidey (the grumpy old man) Oliver (the hunter) Essex (well, she’s just special) Along with three ferrets: Crash, Eddie and Ellie and too many fish tanks….oh and two teenagers- they count, right?

On March 13th, Jen hired Spackle. His credentials are pretty impressive. He is not afraid to get his fins wet or wade into the deep end of things to get the job done. He gets along with everyone swimmingly, and most importantly, makes the ideal Director of Emotional Support. He just happens to be a fish!