Office Pranks

Category: Solidus at Play • April 1, 2021

2021 has brought about a pranking war in our office. Here’s a recap of the pranks since the prank war began:

War began when Brian decided to put tape on Lindsay’s mouse so it wouldn’t function correctly.

Lindsay got sweet revenge (with the help of Jessica) while Brian was out at a meeting. They built a pyramid out of solo cups in front of Brian’s office door. It was quite hilarious to watch them complete this installation only for it to fall. But being the ever diligent pranksters, they rebuilt it and were more than happy to take a photo for evidence. This was followed up by her saran wrapping Brian’s desk. The 2nd floor people watched in amusement as Brian spent almost 20 minutes unwrapping everything. 

Retaliation was swift: Brian unplugged Lindsay’s mouse, put lotion on her glasses and mouse, put sugar in her water and last but certainly not least, put a solo cup with a note saying “you can’t hide” in her parking spot.

For Jess, Brian got his own revenge with a “Frickin’ Cricket”; a hidden annoying sound prank. Which seems to not have had the desired effect in the Design Department. They play music so weren’t able to hear the annoying crickets. 

A few weeks went by. A jelly bean dispenser in the design area was filled with what appeared to be harmless jelly beans. At last, the day came when Mike, Dave, and even Brian were surprised to suddenly be sampling flavors such as baby wipes, dirt, and cat food. 

Mike got Lindsay, Michele, and Jess back by stringing up copious amounts of caution tape in their area. He also caution tape’d Dave’s desk, and was swiftly revenged upon with confetti. 

Who knows what April 1st will bring…