Employee Spotlight: David Lohneiss

Category: Solidus at Play • April 15, 2021

While most (read “ALL”) construction jobs come with the usual set of challenges, some seem to come with their own built-in headaches and a complimentary set of monkey wrenches (i.e. penalty clauses, site restrictions, negligent landlords etc.). 

Luckily, Solidus has a few secret weapons in the form of exceptional field supers like Dave Lohneiss. Dave works diligently to address and resolve the ever-growing list of issues we come across and has managed to successfully complete several projects throughout the COVID pandemic. Dave continues to pull off the impossible and deliver the quality work and attention to detail that our clients deserve. We chose to Spotlight Dave because he continues to amaze us all with his ability to remain calm, professional, and even humorous during times of extreme pressure.

Thank you Dave!