How Your Integrated Brand Can Drive Profits

Category: Uncategorized • November 19, 2020

Solidus is unique in that it offers comprehensive design, construction and branding services under one roof. This synergy expedites communication, collaboration, and seamless hand-offs. By not outsourcing these trades, Solidus is fully accountable for a final product that truly reflects your company’s identity.

Branding in particular is critical to your business success, as much as your product mix or the location of your retail space. Your brand — how people perceive your company and its reputation —  is influenced by five primary items: 1) advertising (paid and word of mouth); 2) sponsorships and community engagements; 3) the look and feel of your internal and external branch signage; 4) your logo and tagline; and 5) customer service interactions across multiple platforms. These components must work well together to project a solid brand.

Also keep in mind:

  • People are more likely to do business with a company that is polished, stable, and genuinely part of the community it serves. This includes staff who are friendly and responsive; technology that saves time and effort; and a website with updated content that answers timely questions and concerns.Savvy companies pay close attention to both the mediums they choose and demographics they target. Your company logo should turn up in strategic places where it makes positive associations and reinforces your retail storefronts.
  • Think of your logo as the “face” of your business. A good logo design is simple, memorable, highly visible, and projects an image consistent with your culture and identity.
  • Employees who understand and appreciate the mission of a business are more likely to feel pride and work to achieve goals. An engaged, motivated workforce will do as much to advance your brand as any of the elements described above.

Solidus is ready to help you devise and execute a successful brand strategy, one that can make your next new construction or renovation project a branding triumph!