Adjustable Pod Solves Space Issues and Saves Money

Category: News • May 19, 2020

Ever seen an adjustable teller pod whose countertops can be raised and lowered? We came up with this innovative solution to a limited space issue on a recent project, and it works brilliantly. It also saves the client money. The client had space to accommodate a single pod, but they wanted handicapped people to be able to use it, and not have to move to an adjacent sit-down spot. Cue our ingenious solution! We have built adjustable workspaces before, and are familiar with the technology, so we adapted the idea for a teller pod. We designed the pod with not one but two adjustable countertops (one on each side), so clients requiring sit-down transactions will not have to wait.

The lifting equipment is substantial; the quartz countertop is heavy, so it had to be raised and lowered without placing undue strain on the motor. The pod can be adjusted in seconds, with the simple touch of a button that raises or lowers the countertop to a preset height. No over-thinking or guesswork required.

Adjustable teller pod with ability to raise and lower the countertop for handicapped banking clients.

The pod allows for standing and seated transactions and is easily adjusted.

This unique and creative idea will revolutionize pods while catering to those who most need help and save money in the process. We love it, the client loves, and we think you’ll love it too.

Innovative teller pod can be height-adjusted to cater to every kind of banking client.

The innovative telescopic teller pod design is versatile and inclusive.