It’s Women in Construction Week 2020

Category: News • March 3, 2020

This week is Women in Construction Week 2020, so here’s a glimpse of the ladies who keep things real at Solidus. We have a fantastic collaborative team here, and these women play a major role in holding the operation together:

Jen Miller is our director of project management. When she’s not crisscrossing New England keeping our many projects on track and our clients in the loop, Jen’s at the office here in Bloomfield, CT talking shop with our construction people, leading meetings, and telling us the latest news from the zoo she calls home (kids, hubby, goats, donkeys, cats, dogs, and various other furry friends, it’s a riot!).

Michele Thomas is our executive assistant to the director of project management. Even this lengthy title doesn’t do justice to Michele’s versatility, as in addition to knocking it out of the park on the project management and construction side she shows her mastery in connecting our various internal software platforms, creates company newsletters, and a list of other tasks too numerous to mention.

Jackie Nelson is our environmental graphic designer. Jackie came on board to strengthen our design department and her energy has made as big an impact within Solidus as her fabulous branding designs are making in our clients’ branches. Her ability to boldly express brand personalities across a variety of media consistently creates sensational interiors that make our clients stand out from the crowd.

Nicole Dunn is our director of administration. Occupying a keystone role at the very heart of construction operations, where deadlines and details reign supreme and change fast, Nicole is what we like to think of as a “spirited woman” who could probably work a paying side-gig as a stand-up comedienne if she chose to; her job requires presence and passion and oh yes, she has all that.

Emily Williams is our executive assistant. Her friendly voice and demeanor conceal a tenacious and efficient mind that organizes important meetings around large groups of very busy people, an unenviable task Emily manages with aplomb. She also assembles marketing materials, coordinates trade shows and has her fingers in many different pies on a day-to-day basis.

Flora Perez is our controller. She handles the financial end of our business, including company payroll, bills paid out to partners and vendors, money received by Solidus for services rendered, and much more. She is responsible for tracking many moving parts, each of which is crucial in keeping things flowing without a hitch, and Flora somehow makes it look easy.

Patty Flemming is our assistant controller. Having worked in construction accounting for several years, Patty knows how everything should work, including people. If anyone expenses a meal, reserves a hotel room, buys new software, pays for advertising, purchases marketing materials, pretty much the whole enchilada, Patty wants to know, and she will track you down like the CIA if you’re late with your invoices and receipts. Oh, and speaking of which her homemade enchiladas are fabulous.