Featured Project: Sikorsky Credit Union, Brookfield, CT

Category: News • March 26, 2019

Sikorsky Credit Union wanted to open a new branch in a new market, and Solidus was contracted to execute the design, construction and branding.  This branch is located in the end-cap of a small strip mall that was originally a pet food store in a relatively upscale area straddling the border between Brookfield and Danbury, CT.  The credit union leased half of the space, which was roughly 2,600 sq. ft.  There was very little demolition involved in preparing the space; we filled in a pair of receiving doors on the left side of the building that had been used by trucks to bring supplies into the shop.  It was a complete interior fit-out, plus some minor exterior work.  Our architect provided the entire design, including schematics, layout, and finishes.

We added metal and paintwork to the exterior of the credit union branch in Brookfield, CT.

Branch exterior, showing some of the changes we made, including the branded ITM.

This was a new location and a new market for the credit union.  This caused some slight exterior complications, as the two towns have somewhat different regulations concerning signage.  We also applied metal panels onto the brickwork exterior and painted the end of the building to match the front.

There is a drive-up ITM on the side of the branch, for which we designed a branded surround.  The parking and drive-thru area is quite tight, and we ensured there were legible height clearance signs for the attention of high trucks because the canopy above the ITM was unable to accommodate them beyond a certain height.

We installed a flat-screen display, promoting the credit union's products and services.

The pod at the rear of the branch, showing the stand-up/sit-down functionality and flat-screen display behind it.

The branch is designed with two open pods that are split so there are four stations in total—three stand-up and one sit-down for handicapped people.  Behind one pod is the CU’s logo, and behind the other is a large flat-screen display.  Opposite the pods are offices, each built at a subtle angle that exaggerates the perspective of the branch when viewed from the front entrance.   This “forced perspective” effect makes the branch narrower toward the back.  The office walls are DIRTT glass so all the offices are transparent.

We designed a community-themed retail branch for Sikorsky Credit Union in Brookfield, Connecticut.

A view into the branch, showing the pods, and community-themed wall in the foreground.

We completely gutted the space and built a brand new branch for a credit union that was modern and sleek, with complete branding throughout.

Similar view, taken during project execution.

Our design team was responsible for the branding and, because this was a new market for the credit union, there was a desire to strengthen ties to the community.  We also installed a community wall near a waiting area inside the branch showing photographs of local landmarks.  At the far end of the branch, there is a second waiting area where we created a History feature showing milestones in the credit union’s history since its formation in 1948.

The elements of a modern credit union branch include branding, community themed walls and history features.

The “Our History” feature that we designed into a waiting area, showing important milestones in the organization’s history.

There are also framed images of local scenes inside the glass-fronted offices opposite the pods.

We fitted cash recyclers in the pods when we built the new branch for Sikorsky Credit Union.

Some examples of the office interiors, showing local-themed graphics, branded vinyl strips on glass work, and the cash recycler in a pod.

We designed the branch to be community-focused as it was in a new market for the credit union.

The pod towards the front of the branch, with the community-themed waiting area in the background.

We performed a complete fit-out, including carpets, pods, branding and glass walls in a new branch of a Connecticut credit union.

A branded check desk showing the carpeting, pod, and flat-screen display in the background.

We designed a welcome sign and graphic wall in the vestibule surrounding a flat-screen display.  The client was very happy with the interior, especially as we finished this project without even needing a punch-list of things that needed to be fixed before the final handoff.

We created a branded vestibule at the entrance to the branch, with a flat-screen display promoting the credit union's products and services.

The branded wall featuring a local map, flat-screen, and branding in the vestibule at the branch entrance.