Featured Project: Country Bank, Ludlow, MA

Category: News • February 26, 2019

The client’s existing branch in Ludlow, MA was located in a plaza inside a Big Y store that had become too small for their growing clientele, so an alternate building found across the street.  The 2,630 sq. ft. building’s shell was relatively new, and had previously been a bank.  Our architect and designer started from scratch and designed a traditional but bright, fresh and welcoming platform.  We built a teller line to serve the bank’s considerable foot traffic, and a circular informal seating area in the center of the platform.

We designed this bank branch to be really immersive of the branding palette.

The client wanted a traditional teller line, which we designed in a textured style to enhance the overall branding theme of the new branch.

We worked closely through several design iterations with the bank’s marketing department and eventually came up with an interior design that very directly reflected the organization’s branding palette.  The carpet was custom-designed specifically for the bank by a mill and the same design is planned for other Country Bank branches.

We used recycled wood for part of this ban branch construction.

This wall is made from reclaimed wood that introduces warmth and texture to an already vibrant space.

There’s a wall made from reclaimed wood with the bank’s name and logo in the center.  There are digital monitors located in various places around the branch, including behind the teller line and at the beverage center.

We used frosted privacy banding on the glass office walls throughout the bank branch.

The vinyl privacy banding on the glass office walls has a two-tone effect to emphasize the bank’s inspirational slogans.

We built glass-walled offices around the branch with horizontal privacy vinyl banding across the glass fronts bearing inspirational slogans from the bank itself.  The lettering on the vinyl comprised two different treatments, one having been cut out of the vinyl and the other adhered onto the vinyl.  This created a light and dark two-tone effect on the lettering.

We designed a casual seating area in the middle of the floor where customers could relax and watch the digital messaging on the flat-screen displays.

A view of the branch seating area, check desk, beverage center, and offices beyond.

In addition to three private glass-fronted offices, there is also a conference room that commercial lending officers who work out in the field can use to do transactions.  There’s also a lounge and full bathroom facilities.

We designed this bank branch to be welcoming and modern but with a complete immersion into the bank's branding palette.

The central seating area and reclaimed wood wall, with an entrance into private offices.

The client wanted a traditional teller line rather than pods, so we created a teller line in the bank’s signature textured style.  The design we selected had a vertical line texture, but our designer turned it 90° in order to match the bank’s horizontal textured style.  This look complemented that of the reclaimed wood wall as well as the bank’s website design.  We also included frosted vinyl panels along the front of the teller line.

This bank was designed artfully and using our decades of financial industry expertise.

The beverage center, showing a digital display and, to the right, more vinyl banding with the organization’s slogans featured in two-tone lettering.

The vestibule features an oversized version of the Country Bank logo around the ATM.  Overall, the interior was intended to really immerse the visitor in the brand colors.  The blue and green colors of the carpets, chairs and marketing materials around the branch all complement each other, to give strong support to the brand.

We created a super-size version of the bank's logo on the entrance wall where the ATM would go.

The ATM against an oversize version of the bank’s logo at the branch’s front entrance.