Featured Project: Newtown Savings Bank, Oxford, CT

Category: Uncategorized • September 26, 2016

Solidus recently completed a superb new branch in Oxford, CT that is commanding a lot of attention. The ground up construction of a branch of Newtown Savings Bank was part of the larger, self-contained Quarry Walk building project that included stores and other amenities, including 150 condominiums.

Solidus designs branches for community banks and credit unions across the New England region.

Some views of the curved branded wall and dialogue tower in the Oxford branch of Newtown Savings Bank.

We designed this branch with much emphasis on front and back visibility; curving graphic glass walls, interior lighting, branding, and soffit work truly differentiate the branch and the whole ensemble is visible from the exterior to passing traffic.

Solidus are experts at retail design for the financial industry

The stylish undulating wall featured local images and slogans.

In addition to the serpentine interactive branded wall, there are two dialogue towers with cash recyclers, and a drive-thru with a drive-up ATM on the outside lane. The branch has five full-time employees.

We built a linear branch that reflects the contemporary face of the modern bank branch.

A view of the branch exterior, showing the linear shape. Below, a community-themed graphic from the curved wall.

Built on the site of a former quarry (hence the larger development’s name), stone from the quarry was used on both the interior and exterior.

The bank branch of the future is already here, and it's in Oxford, Connecticut.

Branch visitors enter through the glass wall, there’s a beverage center, and several interior offices.

The most striking detail though, is the after-hours branded feature, designed to be visible to all traffic passing the branch, and broadcast a modern, attractive, engaged voice to all who see it.