Featured Project: Bankwell, Norwalk, CT

Category: Uncategorized • July 2, 2015

We performed a full interior fit-out of this beautiful 2,200 square foot Norwalk, CT branch of Bankwell. The branch was airy, bright and spacious, with a traditional teller line and conference and consultation offices.

Spa style bank designed and built in New England.

Bankwell Norwalk; a true spa banking experience.

There’s a swanky tech bar in the middle of the retail floor, equipped with tablets, above which ornate pendant fixture lights hang from a curved suspended ceiling.

New England bank branch interior designed and built by Solidus.

Take the weight off and enjoy an invigorating hot drink.

Immediately adjacent to the tech bar and beverage center are two easy chairs separated by a small table, under a “cloud” (a suspended disc with recessed lighting).

Solidus built a classic soffit into the bank ceiling.

The magnificent soffit above the lush circular carpet, set in vinyl plank floor.

The spa-like design was achieved by our interior designers by modifying the Bankwell color standard from other branches, including lightening the shade of the vinyl plank floor. There is also a circular high-end broad loom carpet set into the vinyl plank directly below a fabulous circular soffit we built into the ceiling. The same carpet is laid throughout the private offices.

Technology bar a in a New England bank branch

The technology bar, with tablets, and the teller line beyond.

The technology bar features a solid surface top with a woodgrain laminate base that matches that of the teller line, and matches other surfaces throughout the branch.

Bank offices built in a "spa" style.

Tech bar and private offices with lots of natural light.

The beverage nook has a Keureg brewing system, with coffee and tea and a fresh looking white backdrop containing the Bankwell logo in relief. The light fixtures also cast a likeness of the logo onto the ceiling.

Bank branch with a coffee bar.

The beverage center, with subtly branded wall and health message.

The branch lobby contains an advanced function ATM and a night depository. There’s also a courier deposit box and just inside the branch there’s a coin machine, where customers can input change and have the total credited to their account, or receive the cash amount from a teller.

Bank branch with modern coin machine.

Sleek metal coin machine, and an ATM in the foyer.

The branch exterior is a California-style mix of dark clapboard, stucco and brick. The branch has a novel appearance and is ultra-contemporary. There’s also a drive-thru.

Bankwell branch by Solidus.

The exterior of the Norwalk, CT branch of Bankwell.