Featured Project: Connex Credit Union

Category: Uncategorized • March 31, 2015

Project: Connex Credit Union.

Time: January, 2014 – March, 2014.

Place: Meriden, CT.

New England boutique credit union branch designed by Solidus.

A true “boutique” experience providing hospitality and expertise.

Connex Credit Union is one of the more progressive financial institutions, and the branch they planned for Meriden, CT was especially so. Solidus, together with a strategic partner, faced a challenging design proposition for the interior, which was very long and narrow compared to the traditional financial branch. We had to come up with a design that unified the space and brought out the functional and aesthetic aspects effectively, all in 1,330 square feet.

Solidus built Connex Credit Union in Meriden in an ultra-modern design.

Visitors are met by a concierge and there’s a nifty little tech-bar with tablets.

It was decided that lighting would be a key factor, as the high ceiling and narrow entrance hall had a distinctly different feel to the main branch area it opened out into. Everything had to be seamless and whole. We installed modern brushed steel hanging pendant lights that mirrored the Connex “swoosh” branding we incorporated into the carpet below. We also placed the swoosh along the length of the entrance wall in the brand’s customary purple color.

Credit union design with modern upgrades and technology.

Take a new perspective on what your local credit union can look like.

The purple branding theme was complimented by the inclusion of transparent purple film on the extensive glass panel walls that provided transparency and openness throughout the space. The combination of sleek lighting, swooshes and purple glass panels created a stunning boutique effect that was bold yet professional.

Credit union branch with digital retail communications and ITM machines.

Flat-screen TV’s and an interactive video teller experience.

Most notable about this branch is that it features ITM’s (interactive teller machines). Credit union members can conduct cash transactions and other services with remote tellers via video screen. This frees up time (and space) for an in-branch concierge handle more complicated tasks. The “moving parts” of the 1,330 sq. ft. Connex Meriden branch are chiefly:




Customer Service Rep

Lobby ATM

Solidus branch design included a coffee-bar and lounge area.

Grab a coffee while you check your online accounts.

The branch operates on a smaller footprint using fewer full-time employees, thereby reducing staff and operating costs. This caffeine-fueled boutique experience is one of the coolest you’ll have anywhere in the region!