Accubranch can provide a comprehensive assessment of any potential site for a new branch. Everything from a local business summary, to work drive times, to median home values, must be factored into the equation when selecting your next retail location. Accubranch has the know-how to help you succeed. 40% of new branches fail to hit deposit goals in their first year. Don't be one of them. Contact Accubranch.

Accubranch can find prime locations for new bank and credit union branches.

Branch Location Science

Branch network strategy requires identification of precise locations where your brand can thrive based on numerous qualifying parameters. Branch location science has been successfully applied in various industries, and the financial industry is no exception. Accubranch has the experience and technology to select the optimal branch location for your bank or credit union.

Accubranch found a location for Salisbury and navigated the entire real estate process.

Customer Tapestry

Your customer profile has its own unique texture, broken down into different segments based on age, income and much more. Accubranch can pinpoint prime branch locations by matching your customer data to competitors in a given locale. Competitor assets, local employment centers, and other data can then be compared to yours and competitor sites to determine optimal locations.


Accubranch is one of the industry's leading site selection specialists. Its team of seasoned real estate experts have managed large-scale commercial ventures and are fluent in the application of data and due diligence to any kind of real estate transaction. For more information contact Accubranch President Mike Goman today.

Finding the right branch location can be crucial to a branch's success.

"feet on the street"

Accubranch doesn't just use powerful software to help you find the top spots; they investigate those neighborhoods in person to make sure everything is as described. This way, details such as number of drive-thrus, architectural style, and thorough site selection criteria can be confirmed. When we say we want to be sure the front door is twelve feet from the kerb, we mean it.

Using a branch location specialist guarantees hitting deposit goals.

Real Estate Transaction Process

Beyond location strategy, Accubranch has a wealth of real estate experience to guide you through the permitting and approval management process. Land use, signage and drive-thru approvals can be protracted and difficult for the uninitiated. Our experienced team can navigate it all, including due diligence and public hearings. We can even find available property that's not listed for sale.

Accubranch are one of the nation's leading branch location specialists.

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