retail communications: functional and creative messaging

Today's jaded consumer demands more than vivid logos and a compelling message to earn their loyalty. Solidus has the retail design experience to create striking customer experiences that showcase your products and services. We can support all aspects of your branding, interior, and merchandising efforts, custom designed using data. 

Digital media in a bank branch built by Solidus near Boston, Massachusetts.

enhancing the customer experience

Retail spaces are changing; customer service expectations are now geared towards a more interactive experience. This has removed barriers, and businesses provide information about products and services like never before. We can design a customer journey that promotes your expanded services while focusing on your branch's chief distribution channels. The look will be distinctly yours, and will be easy to replicate across your branch network.

Solidus re-branded a credit union branch in Connecticut.

telling your organization's value story

We have the expertise to convey the value proposition for any kind of business, and we specialize in the financial industry. As branch designs change, new branch models, strategies, and technologies appear. We'll highlight your role in this transition in a way that underlines your progressiveness and strengthens customer trust. Your organization's value story can be told via graphic walls, digital media, etched glass, and other canvasses.

Brand merchandising for banks is one of the many services we provide across New England.

brand recognition & building community

Your brand merchandising aims to grow profits and loyalty by becoming a valued component of your clients' lives. We can emphasize your commitment to serving local customers with eye-catching graphics that show regional culture and history. Your branches will command attention and be community-based showcases for your products and services.   

customer Experience Mapping

Our team can develop a branch-specific experience for customers based on strategic maps of the retail zones within the space. Experience maps shape customer flow, so your products and services are skillfully presented to customers at key touchpoints in the branch. Each touchpoint reinforces brand awareness and deepens their general customer experience.  

We specialize in branding and merchandising for New England banks and credit unions.

branch merchandising elements

Your custom branch layout will include surrounds, kiosks, silhouettes and venues that accentuate important elements and function as destination points within the space. These branded areas can be centered on distribution channels such as ATMs, or on dispensers containing helpful leaflets that promote products and services. Your staff will live the brand as they engage customers and educate them on new elements in your transformed branch.

Boston area bank using digital communications to build community spirit.

areas of expertise

finance education healthcare specialty