commercial flooring for retail and business spaces  

We have decades of experience as commercial flooring contractors in the New England region. Our team will provide you with a wide selection of the best possible floor types that complement your company's professional image and inspires trust in your clients. We’ll even install it around your schedule, so there's no disruption to your business operations.

New england's commercial flooring experts

You want your commercial flooring to be hard wearing, complementary to your building's design, and installed by professionals with the skill to complete the job with no issues. Our flooring team has successfully installed every type of floor in every kind of business space here in New England. We have the tools and the experience to install whatever floor type you select.

We install commercial flooring across New England for all types of business spaces.

independent flooring projects

Our integrated delivery projects always include flooring, but we also independently install commercial flooring across New England. Our stand-alone flooring solutions serve businesses beyond our usual client industries. A new floor can transform the look and mood of your proposition, whatever your business. Contact us for an appointment

Solidus installs commercial flooring for any kind of business in New England.

commercial Flooring Products

Our flooring products are all manufactured by established flooring brands. There are three general flooring categories:

1. Carpet & Carpet Tile
Commercial carpet is designed to to be flexible but sturdy. It's available in materials and patterns that look businesslike, vibrant, and welcoming. We also install carpet tiles. Contact us and we'll discuss the options available for your commercial or retail space. 

2. Resilient Flooring
Resilient flooring is an innovative and popular type of commercial flooring most noted for its versatility and hardiness. It can be installed in virtually any commercial setting. Resilient floors are available in various forms, but vinyl and vinyl plank are the most popular. 

3. Tile
We are currently seeing a rise in demand for tiled surfaces, for both floors and walls. Tile demands a higher level of skill from installation mechanics, but is no more expensive than other materials. Tile confers a certain upscale appearance to commercial and retail environments.

We install any commercial flooring type you want for any retail space or place of business.

All products are backed by a 100% total warranty.

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