Sulzer Pump Solutions (US), Inc.

Sulzer Pump (formerly ABS)
Project Size: 13,600 Sq. Ft.

This large scale renovation was completed originally for ABS pumps. ABS was purchased by Sulzer shortly after Solidus completed the project.

The project involved a complete gutting of ABS Pumps’ office space. We also added a training room and secondary employee lounge in the warehouse that was previously raw space. The client wanted a professional Scandinavian feel that was efficient, clean, and bright. This spoke to the vibrant yellows and blues we used throughout for walls and cubicles, and the large white drawer units. We created a place where employees would be proud to come to work.

We renovated all the bathrooms, and added a bathroom in the new executive area. A new cafeteria was built with transparent colored wall panels, vinyl composition tile (VCT) checkered floors, and soft lighting. The second lounge space was finished in similar materials, but was a different color scheme. We also replaced the sun protection film on the exterior windows, which were overly dark, old and cracked.  

The whole front office space had a dropped ceiling that previously hid the square ductwork. We exposed all the mechanical supports, metal ceilings and ductwork, swapping out the existing ducts for a spiral finish. The entire ceiling area was refinished in white. We also replaced the rooftop air handling units. The reception and front door area were also restructured to match the new look.

We completed the whole project in four phases, moving employees into temporary swing space as we worked through the different areas. The client remained completely operational throughout the whole process.


Meriden, CT



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