"Integrated Project Delivery fits any design template, however unique." - Mark Charette, CEO

designing and building for any business

We specialize in retail layouts, and office and business spaces. However unique your company or concept, we have the expertise to bring it to life. We also offer consultative services where an estimated project cost enables you to do a return on investment analysis and determine the project's viability. We work with all kinds of business people and budgets.

transforming your business space

We're a transformational company, dedicated to creating smarter spaces for better business. Retail models are becoming more engaging for customers, as new designs and technologies emerge. We help our clients transition to these new platforms with minimal interruption to their daily business. Following the initial consultation, our team keeps the client in the loop and in control. Ultimately, the customer is in the driving seat, and we realize their retail vision to a standard that surpasses their expectations.

We can design, build and furnish commercial space for any industry or situation.

The Commerical Real Estate Revolution

Solidus CEO Mark Charette was a recipient of the CoreNet Global Innovator Award for his work with MindShift, a think-tank of industry leaders intent on revolutionizing the way commercial real estate is designed and constructed. Mark's life mission has been to redefine how commercial construction performs in terms of cost, efficiency, comfort and aesthetics for companies and their clients alike. This expertise is a phonecall or email away.

Let Us Do The Research For You

As stated above, we offer an inexpensive Phase One Project Study, in which we take field measurements to determine the exact spatial requirements for each unique project. Our interior designers and architects will deliver drawings and characterize the space for profitability and style. We also develop a project timeline, and a list of probable costs, showing all markups. 

Our interiors team's sterling designs have transformed commercial premises all over New England.

versatile Retail design and construction

Solidus has designed and built retail spaces all over New England, in industries as diverse as auto sales, restaurants, law offices, and marketing companies. We're in step with the latest concepts and designs associated with each industry. Our integrated approach, combined with our team's vast experience, means we deliver solutions that never fail to impress. 

Solidus can build extensive office environments designed to your exact custom specifications.

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