"Healthy buildings and wellness go hand in hand." - Mark Charette, CEO

Designing the next generation of Healthcare Facilities

We respect the fact that healthcare companies are under pressure to reduce costs while providing ever-improved care to their patients. We know healthcare building design is largely controlled by tight regulations and technical requirements. Solidus is committed to reducing design and construction costs for New England's healthcare facilities via our unique collaborative process. We also realize how important it is that we meet deadlines for the opening of new facilities while meeting the highest industry standards. 

Healthcare offices can be designed and built to be warm and welcoming as well as functional.

the new healthcare building model

The physical environments where your patients are treated must promote patient safety and education. Their design should be geared toward positive patient outcomes. We at Solidus are paying attention to emerging evidence that healthcare building design really does influence the results of treatment. This new way of viewing healthcare facilities comes at a time when medical clinics are being built with multidisciplinary layouts, where clients are educated as well as treated by a variety of medical practitioners.
We are available to build efficient, modern healthcare facilities in all six New England states.


Medical buildings designed according to a new paradigm might sound expensive, but you'll be surprised at what we can do within a reasonable budget. Our LEED-certified projects are in line with the highest standards, where energy savings can be greater than 20%. Healthcare is undergoing a similar transformation to the financial industry, where expanded services, interaction and education are removing the traditional barriers. We are saving New England's healthcare providers money by building their new offices using the same approach to the financial branch. It's happening.


Just as in the financial industry, healthcare products and services are expanding in scope, and they'll need promoting to your customers. It's also important that your company name and logo are fixed in the minds of those who visit your healthcare offices. We'll keep you at the leading edge of healthcare branding and merchandising, with multimedia displays, attractive signage, compelling educational messaging and distractive images that soothe patients. When combined with novel physical design elements, your healthcare branding can send a strong message to your clients that they're in safe hands and you are at the front-line of your industry.

We can build healthcare offices from the ground up or renovate.


Our experienced design and construction team will ensure your property is positioned as a leader in the industry. It will be energy-efficient, space-optimized, and designed to promote positive patient outcomes. Beyond that, your facility will need furnishing in a way that complements your branding theme and general palette. Our strategic partner can present you with furniture options for any type of interior, that injects professionalism and personality into the space. A sleek range of ergonomic chairs and couches, distinctive desks and dividers, and more, can bring your offices to life and enhance your patients' experience. 


We love our pets, so it's only proper they enjoy the very best of medical care. We build veterinary offices in New England that are carefully designed for optimal staff performance. This leads to cost savings and happy experiences for furry friends. Most importantly, customer satisfaction and loyalty can become a focus, and you'll deliver what the people (and pets) want. 

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